Geeky Tee Friday continues in earnest, welcoming

@germancompanion who - when not wearing geeky tees - indulges in fabulous Fifth Doctor cosplay!  Check out all the latest geeky efforts in the photo gallery, why not join this stellar lot and get your face in here too!  


Sharaz Butt

Does not use twitter as he is proper bloke who drinks beer and 

likes football and that - nah, only joking, he's met Jackie Chan for god's sake! Patiently waiting for his beloved to catch up with Doctor Who - now that's dedication for you! 

Andrew Younger

An idiot with a box, Andrew can probably be found obsessing over Doctor Who, Superheroes and ancient kids TV shows right 


Becky Quinn

Hailing from Australia, Becky may in fact be Harley Quinn or Harley Quinn may be Becky, I'm not sure. What I do know is, Becky knows a cool tee when she see ones! 

Your face here... #GeekyTeeFriday

Michael Shizuro

Michael Shizuro is a game writer & author who resides in Tokyo. I mean, how cool is that! Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts - quite how Michael made it to Tokyo is unclear - yet I suspect it involved several years of isolation on a deserted island, where he learnt the skills of a Ninja from a kick ass, blind Wizard and his pet dragon! 

Amira ( Journo Mira ) Sharief

A devout Whovian, radio personality & Out of this World enthusiast - Mira can found broadcasting her dulcet tones over the airwaves via BBC Suffolk, and the insanely popular Mira Effect for Radio Castle. While she ain't afraid of no ghosts, Mira does have an irrational fear of everyone 's favourite alien visitor - E.T! 

Keith Lawler

Cosplay & official North East charity champion, while not organising amazingly successful mass events, Keith spends his time helping complete strangers raise money for good causes - with his homemade-tastic Dalek! That's how we met! 

Charlotte Roberts

Having met just about every member of the Doctor Who

production team, Charlotte is even on first name terms with the Doctor himself - or as she knows him Peter C! Writes the 

stellar Happy Little Geek blog. 


Chrystaroth may well have the world's best twitter bio - storyteller, puppeteer, writer, Ghostwalker, Whovian and Kate Bush fan. Stellar! 

Azad Abbasi

That's a Star Wars throne room t-shirt! That's a Star Wars throne room t-shirt!! That's a Star Wars throne room t-shirt!!!

Azad is from Detroit, did I mention - that's a Star Wars throne

room t-shirt!

The Uncanny Oz

To be found mainly in his nature habitat of Sydney, Australia -

Aaron is perhaps best summed up by his Twitter bio - once described as The ANGRIEST man ever to found a children's Charity. Writer and Opinionated geek malcontent. Likes comics: Drinks a bit... A lot really.

Michael Clasper

Working in theatre by day, Michael loves almost every piece of genre TV & Film brought to the screen. There are rumours he once found an episode of Doctor Who merely quite good, rather than brilliant, but this was diagnosed as mild indigestion 

rather than any displeasure on his part. Phew!

Meet & join the gang...

Every Friday, to brighten my working day and celebrate the impending weekend, My Geek Heart likes to don a nerdy t-shirt and display one's geekiness for the entire world to see. Over the course of the last year or so, I've had the good fortune to correspond with some lovely folks

and just generally geek out.  Whether it's squeeeing over Doctor Who, Marvel, Star Wars etc or displaying flashes of creativity - we're a jovial, supportive & if I dare say it myself, fine bunch of nerds. So if you feel inclined ,why not pop along and join us for the next #geekyteefriday or #geekteefriday! 

My Geek Heart's weekly ritual of displaying one's geeky tees goes global...

   Geeky Tee Friday